Saturday, October 25, 2008


We continue to hear teacher and parental dismay--even outrage--at the CTA donation to defeat Prop 8. Listen as one California teacher speaks out against the donation:

The comments of James Sloan of Moorpark undoubtedly characterize the viewpoint of many Californians. In a letter to the Ventura County Star, he wrote:

"In a time of diminished funds and cancellation of programs, I cannot believe the audacity of the CTA donating to a proposition that is not supposed to have any impact on the schools. I have seen the 'No on Proposition 8' ads saying that if Proposition 8 does not pass, there will be no effect in the schools. If that is true, then why did the CTA donate so much money to a proposition that does not impact them? Wouldn't the money be better served on investments in schools, the teachers themselves or, at a minimum, on political causes that would actually support and benefit our children through education?"

Read his complete comments at:

Failure to pass Proposition 8 will impact the schools. Listen to the experience of a Massachusetts couple--their child's teacher read a book to the class about a prince marrying a prince:

We must protect the innocence of our children. Make your voice heard by contacting the California Department of Education at:

Jack O’Connell
California Department of Education1
430 N StreetSacramento, CA 95814-5901
General: 916-319-0800
TTY/TDD: 916-445-4556