Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I've spent time today searching the net to discover why other bloggers are supporting Proposition 8 and have found some great information.

--The recent decision of the California Teachers Association has a lot of people upset. One mom in our group wrote:

Inasmuch as my children have had so many caring and capable teachers, I could hardly believe it when I learned that the California Teachers Association donated over $1 million to defeat Proposition 8. The organization representing these dedicated professionals should have chosen to protect children by protecting the institution of marriage. Given what teachers see in their classrooms everyday, the union’s leaders should clearly know by their members’ experience that children prosper best when they are raised by a mother and father who are married to each other. I only hope that the teachers themselves make their voices heard in support of California’s children by voting YES on Prop 8 come November 4.

Visit our sister blog's post from Sunday, October 19 to view a video from one California teacher who wishes his union was actually spending time and money promoting the welfare of schools instead of pursuing a radical social agenda.

--At another site, a local psychotherapists exposes the falicies of current social science myths that are circulating with regards to same-sex attraction and the implications of same-sex marriage. In her view, the biggest myth of all is: "If you are gay or lesbian you were born that way." Visit to learn more.

--Interested in the legal precedents for our rights in America and how those rights are protected by Proposition 8? A recent post at this site qoutes from an article by A. Scott Loveless, J.D., PhD. which connects the "inalienable" rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence with the rights preserved by Proposition 8.

--"Tolerance" is the battle cry of the "No on 8" campaign. "Yes on 8" supporters have discovered however that tolerance from Prop 8's opponents frequently only means respect for those who agree with same-sex marriage. One "Yes on 8" volunteer wrote:

My daughter has been active in waving signs on street corners in faver of Prop 8. People have yelled obscenities at her and used obscene gestures toward her. Strangely, one woman tried to insult her for her activism by accusing her of being a closet lesbian. Last Saturday, someone threw an egg at her and her group. Gratefully, it only splattered my daughter's feet. My friend has had her yard vandalized with paint because she displays a "Yes on 8" sign facing a much-travelled city street. Others who have "Yes on 8" bumperstickers have had their tires slashed and their cars keyed. So much for tolerance.

Visit the Monday, October 20 post at for another supporter's encounter with those opposed to Proposition 8.

--The "No on 8" campaign would have California voters believe that the gay community unanimously supports their cause. That's just not the case. Visit the Wednesday, October 22 post at to read the "Yes on 8" perspective of a gay talk show host at Los Angeles' KABC.

--Think the failure of Proposition 8 could negatively impact religious rights and freedoms in our country? Check out the article at which details what has happened when gay rights and religious rights have clashed. This important article was posted on where you can find other pro Prop 8 information.

--Does defeating Prop 8 promote societal inclusion? Visit for some interesting observations.

If you feel like you are alone in your support for Prop 8, know that you're not. More importantly than anything else I discovered today, I learned that there are a lot of folks who think and feel that only marriage between a man and a woman should be valid and recognized in California.

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emily said...

thanks for this post.

Marriage is our culture’s ultimate expression of equality–it takes one man and one woman to create children. Even if a marriage can’t have children or choose not to have children the definition of their relationship expresses this equality.

One could see a lesbian union as a marginalization of men, or a homosexual union as a marginalization of women.

I don't believe government should sanction the marginalization of any gender (or more importantly, parent). And even though some families can't have children, or choose not to have children, you can't separate the child-issue from the marriage issue.

there is a great discussion here:

yes on prop 8!

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